Company Name Booth # Company Name Booth # Company Name Booth #
70707 A41 Forest City Coins 20 Nino Vecia Illustration 510
1,000,000 Comix 109 Geek Mas Gifts A64 No Fun Press 423
1,000,000 Comix Inc. 318 Geek Studio A72 Nomad Posters 18
Adam Tupper Art A100 GeekyPet - Art by Alana McCarthy A80 Northmen Collectibles 135
Aether & Bones A43 Glitch Artwork A47 ofSkySociety A75
Akuryu A78 Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles 25 Once Upon A Charm A8
Alex Chung A28 Gr8Collectables 329 One Fan Clapping A65
All New Comics Inc 224 Haganland Inc. 11 Pandect Comic A15
Alternate Reality News Service 526 Harley Yee Rare Comics 119 Pendragon Comics! 127
Amy Spaulding A7 Henna Designs & Tattoos A51 Pink City A85
Andre Campbell 534 Heroes Of The World A88 PixlBitches A60
Andrew Kwan A45 High Comedic Value A52 Popsquatch Designs A18
Angel Creations 528 Honey Bubbles Co. A2 Premier Toys Of Canada Inc 201
Animation Bros (Mike Hogue & Andre Guindi) A39 Horror Writers Association 404 Pufferdoodles 516
Anime Toys 213 Icksi Ayeshen Carmei A91 R & D Comics and Collectables 422
Art of Colleen Temple A102 ICY Jewelery A68 Real Awful A56
Arts and Play 524 Inferno Cat 433 Rebel Rabbit Comics Ltd. A23
Black Hole Hunters Club A59 Inkwell Design Studio A34 Red Moon Glassworks 429
Blackiris Design / Lumishkabibble A94 Intermind 409 Reddo Panda Art A97
Bring The Maeham 313 It Came From Japan 425 Roany's Video Game Collectibles 417
Cactus Mafia 9 JBrads Cosplay and Crafts A38 Sacari Art A46
Cakes Cove 418 Jen Lipski Fine Art 520 Samurai Bear Collectibles 432
Catstache 419 Jewellery With Hartt A17 Say Yes to the Card 421
Chained Creativity A98 Jupejuperocket Art 332 SC Imports 17
Cheshire Grynne A55 Kamehouse 208 Sci Feye Candy A84
Chez Rhox 30 Kaz Lefave 308 Sebby Confetti A83
Chibi Seimei A31 Kewl Collectibles 1 Sequential Scribbles A74
Chop Shop Goods 315 Kigurumi Canada 200 Snooze Labs Crafts A77
Chozen Studios 405 Kitties With Kapes A95 Space & Time Collective A25
Chronic Ink Tattoo 508 Knick Nack Hobby Shack 410 Squire Sword A96
Claudio Ghirardo 512 Kutting Edge 401 Star Wars Guy 400
Coco Choco Boo A32 Labyrinth Books 231 Sticks with Stones A22
Colourful Characters 500 Lea's Boutique A63 Studio Comix A1
Comic Book Addiction 210 LidTheSquid A49 Sugarmints A79
Contrary Creations A36 Lilmelichi 514 Sullivan Entertainment 430
Cosqueen A24 Liz Parkes A73 Sunward Aerospace Group Limited 412
Costumes by Violet A5 Lobby Card Invasion 415 Superhero Sanctum 7
Coven x Tenta Co A92 Many Much Maillen A70 Sustai Ulanbaagen A50
Crisara Studios A14 Mapo & Kimchi A90 Teacupity A71
Cyberlit Entertainment 3 Marie Jane Works A42 The Littlest Gift Boutique 314
Danny Wong 219 Markus FX 311 The Purple Octopus A61
Dara Gold Fine Art & Illustration A20 Max the Mutt Animation School A101 The Watchman 101
Deena Pagliarello A29 Melanie Schultz Illustration A19 Thor's Trinkets 309
Divinity Doll 312 Mellowatt A27 Toronto Comic Shop 323
Dog Ear Prints 522 Mike Fenn Designs A54 Toronto Comics Anthology A21
Dream Angels 406 Mister Comics 319 Tyclerium Toys 301
Dredfunn.com A26 Modulicious 518 Veelightful A37
Eagle Eye Comics 103 Morgan's Organs A81 Whimsical Squid Creative A82
Elsewhere Media A87 Moshimo 215 With Pen & Brush Studios A10
Emm Gee Art A9 MS Creations A35 X-S Cards & Collectibles 411
ER Comics 218 My Cartoon Heroes 209 Xtreme Paraphilia 33
Fabled Creative A66 Navito World 310 Yien Yip Illustrations A33
Fastball Collectibles 414 Nerds & Needles A16 Zheana Designs A40
Feeling Purple Artworks A4 Nerdy Lazorz 506    
Fire and Steel 424 Niagara's Most Haunted 35